SALTO Neoxx Padlock

The next generation of padlock security is here.

The SALTO Neoxx Padlock is built to withstand the elements and provides keyless security for multiple applications and provides a unique solution for areas that require an additional level of security and can be operated by a fob/card or mobile app.

Now you can provide access to users and contractors using a mobile app and control access by date and time.

See how easy it is in this video


The SALTO Neoxx Padlock’s innovative special armoured cover case with double-layered structure guarantees the ultimate protection from falls, shocks, and the hardest environment or usage. There is also an additional UV protection to withstand the solar impact. The reinforced bumpers around the body protect the most sensitive parts of the padlock and absorb the energy of any fall, protecting the electronics and the mechanics to maintain the operability making it both robust and all-weather resistant.

Available with or without a chain for installation to various applications.


Contact us for more information or visit our showroom for a demonstration.

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