Salto NeoXX Padlock

Salto Neoxx Padlock – A new generation

With the ability to work as a standalone lock with a strong data-on-card backbone the Salto Neoxx padlock improves the reliability from the previous generation of Geo padlocks.

Fully upgradeable to BLE and mobile devices, the scalability of this product makes it the best in class for electronic padlocks.

Years in development, this product is robust and designed for external use, such as gates, sheds, tool boxes, sport sheds and more.































Key Features:

  • IP66 weather rated
  • Rubber cover protects the padlock and helps maintain reliability in extreme weather conditions
  • Compatible with Salto SVN-Flex, KS and Justin Mobile
  • Ability to set automatic opening schedules, office mode and toggle mode
  • Ability to lockdown the padlock (when connected via BLE to a gateway)
  • Padlock can be set to be an updating hot spot (when connected via BLE to a gateway)
  • Up to 130,000 cycles with one set of batteries
  • 11mm shackle diameter with 47mm clearance
  • Available in permanent and removable shackle varieties
  • Available with or without protective chain to prevent dropping

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Mick Randall

Service Coordinator at Network Locksmiths and Security
Mick Randall is Service Coordinator at Network Locksmiths and Security and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Locksmith and Electronic Security Industry. A qualified Master Locksmith and over 8 years experience, Mick has implemented security projects on a national scale with some of Australia's largest companies.
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