One of the great things about SALTO is its flexibility

When a leading Brisbane Architect was planning a new Administration centre for a Brisbane Private school, we worked closely with them through the planning and construction stage to endure they were able to leverage the power of the SALTO System throughout the new building. The client wanted to have a “one credential” solution for the new building, with the ability to add this to the existing school buildings. As a result of our close collaboration at the design stage, we were able to implement a SALTO System which covered all their needs including:

  • Online hard wired doors and Hotspots for Card updating and Access
  • Offline locks to internal doors
  • Wireless online Locks on external doors
  • Lift readers for controlling security and access during and after hours
  • Sliding gate and Boom gate controls
  • Integration with the Aiphone intercom system
  • Integration with the Integriti security alarm system












This gives the school a “one credential” solution to manage every aspect of the school security for this building from a single piece of software 24/7.

The SALTO System is also being retrofitted throughout the rest of the existing school in a staged approach.

Its unique “wire free” installation of door hardware allows for a simple and easy retrofit, with a cost point per door significantly lower than conventional “all hard wired” access control systems.

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Mick Randall

Mick Randall

Service Coordinator at Network Locksmiths and Security
Mick Randall is Service Coordinator at Network Locksmiths and Security and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Locksmith and Electronic Security Industry. A qualified Master Locksmith and over 8 years experience, Mick has implemented security projects on a national scale with some of Australia's largest companies.
Mick Randall

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