ANPR – Number Plate Recognition Cameras

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ANPR is a technology that allows CCTV cameras to read number plates on vehicles.

Whilst this was previously a very expensive technology and was typically only used by Law enforcement agencies, recent technology has allowed this to become an affordable and reliable asset to complement CCTV systems being used in commercial and residential environments.

HOW does it work?

A dedicated camera is located at a point where it can read vehicles number plates and then is connected to a recording device where the images and plate numbers are stored.

What does it do?

Through the use of an intelligent database software, the system can make decisions based on rules set up in the recording device.



This can include

  • Recording details of all vehicles entering/leaving an area and producing a report
  • Tracking individual vehicles for time/attendance e.g What time did a driver enter and leave an area on a specific day
  • Opening gates, doors etc.. when an approved vehicle approaches
  • Sending alerts when a blacklisted driver approaches
  • Triggering alarms if a vehicle is trying to enter an area at a pre specified time

anpr-image-2       anpr-camera-image-4



The ANPR series ultra-low light smart cameras are able to capture vehicle and recognize vehicle number plate in dim light environment.



Through the use of the Hikvision Blazer NVR, this can complement an existing CCTV setup. This is done through a single unit which provides all the viewing and recording options of CCTV, with the increased benefit of ANPR cameras directly connected.

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