Mobotix IP Cameras

Mobotix – far more than just an ordinary CCTV camera

The German company Mobotix, are a world leader in the field of megapixel IP CCTV products, and Network Locksmiths and Security are proud to be a Mobotix certified partner.

The Mobotix video solutions have a range of unique features which provide new benchmarks in security surveillance, these include:

Decentralized concept – All image processing is configured at the camera so network load can be decreased significantly

Storage choices – the camera can manage recordings on a NAS or Server or record to an onboard SD card

No cost for software or viewing licenses, ever – Regardless of the number of cameras, all software and updates are free for life

Rugged – the range of outdoor cameras can operate in temperatures between -30 to 60°C are rated IP66 and have no moving parts for extremely long life, ideal for mobile applications

Secure- All images are encrypted via SSL when transferred, and every camera has a range of security barriers

High Resolution digital imaging – 6MP sensor and image processing generate perfect images in resolution twice as high as full HD

The Mobotix range of indoor cameras are particularly useful for surveillance situations. This range of indoor models can record directly to an onboard SD card or can be connected to your network and record to server or NAS. The cameras can even be configured to have a zero bandwidth load during peak network times.

All cameras have Hi resolution 6MP sensors and the range includes:

C25 hemispheric camera – this indoor ceiling mount camera is only 12 cm in diameter and weighs about 200 grams, yet a single camera can provide two 180° panoramic images of a single room for complete coverage.

I25 hemispheric camera – A small, low profile wall mounted camera can capture a stunning Hi Res panoramic view of a room with no blind spots, easily replacing 4 standard CCTV cameras.

P25 hemispheric camera – a ceiling mount camera with manual pan/tilt function provides complete installation flexibility, and comes with a variety of lens options.

All the indoor cameras include the MxAnalytics software at no additional cost. This allows these cameras to do much more than a regular CCTV camera including:

People counting  - You can define counting corridors in appropriate locations in the camera feed to find out, for example, how many people walk in and out of each entrance of a shop over the course of a week (the system always generates two counts). The camera records how often each counting corridor is crossed within a specified period, and can email these results to you.

Heat map - Which shelves in the shop are attracting the most customers this Saturday? Which paintings by the new artist hold the attention of the visitors most? Which waiting areas in the departure hall are preferred in the afternoon?

All movements of objects of a particular size are recorded and evaluated, either in the live image or in a previously defined detection area, to provide answers to questions like these. The frequency of the movements is shown visually by means of different colors in a heat map. The areas with the most movement are shown in red, and those with little movement in blue.

Behavioral analytics – In addition to these, the c25 camera also has behavioral analytics "Undesired" motion patterns of objects and people can now trigger events such as:

  • Corridor: Count objects in a defined corridor
  • Duration of stay: Object/person exceeds a defined time staying in the image area
  • Opposite direction: Object moves against main direction
  • Turn: Object changes direction between 45° and 135°
  • U-Turn: Object suddenly reverses direction
  • Speed: Object/person exceeds the defined speed (m/s)

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