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CCTV is a rapidly evolving industry. The type of images and resolution that was available as little as 2-3 years ago, has been rapidly surpassed by newer technology.

An example of this is a recent problem we solved here in Brisbane, where the client had a camera as part of their existing CCTV system which had failed.

This pole mounted PTZ camera had stopped working after many years of service and the client needed to replace it, but was also looking to get a better picture than before, as they were aware of the much higher quality cameras available now, in addition to this, they wanted to future proof the technology so it wouldn’t be so quickly out dated.

Old analog camera

A PTZ camera has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom across a wide range of areas and can be set to move from point to point of a pre-defined area, this is known as a “tour” The major problem with this, is that while the camera is performing a “tour” if it is not focused on the area where an incident is occurring, it can be easily missed.

This particular camera was covering a few different points in a 180-degree area and was in a harsh environment on a river bank. The client needed a better solution.


new Mobotix camera

As a Mobotix partner, we recommended the installation of a Mobotix M15 dual lens camera, as it has the following advantages over the old PTZ camera

  • Picture quality – A Mobotix camera with 6MP sensor has more than 30 times the resolution of an analog camera
  • Ruggedness – Mobotix cameras have no moving parts, are weatherproof from -30 to +50 °C, and capture images day and night
  • Field of view – This camera can capture a complete 180-degree field of view in high resolution and has the ability to zoom in on a recorded scene for detailed viewing.
  • Recording options – Mobotix are pioneers in the field of Megapixel IP video and the cameras can be configured to record to any digital storage medium, including an on-board SD card
  • Viewing option – Mobotix viewing software is free, has no license charges and cameras can be viewed remotely using the Mobotix viewing app on a smartphone

We used the Mobotix 2-wire boxes to connect the camera back to the IT network using the old cameras co-axial cable. These smart devices combine Ethernet and POE over any 2 wire connection up to 500m and simply plug into the camera and network at each end. This works out to be a massive cost saving over having to re-run new cable, and allows most existing systems to be easily upgraded to new technology.


The end result was a better picture, a more rugged camera, and the ability to add an unlimited number of additional new Mobotix cameras with the same functions and features as the need arises.

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