Electronic Key Cabinets

Secure and control authorised access to your premises with an electronic key cabinet. Applications include hotels, educational facilities, government agencies, hospitals and more.

Integrate with your existing access control system for added security and ease of use.


Keywatcher electronic key cabinet for control and accountability of 16 keys or key sets and includes SmartKey Tags, tamper-proof shackles, KeyPro III key management software and 48-hr back up battery. Fully expandable. Full integration with your access control system.
This single module electronic key cabinet has all the features and functions for control and accountability of 16-keys and 2000 Users.

Perfect for issuing master and sub-master keys to tradespeople and contractors at commercial and building sites, minimising onsite delays for contractors accessing keys and maintaining total control and accountability of key usage.

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The Creone KeyBox system series with 6 doors/compartments.

The System series is a flexible and intelligent range of KeyBoxes where the keypad is complemented by a display, to provide a good overview and simple programming.

The system series utilises KeyWin Light software to manage administration programming and audit trail downloads by a convenient USB connection.

You can start with what you need now and then expand in step with the growing needs.
Can be expanded using up to 15 key cabinets from the Expansion range. Up to 500 unique codes per cabinet.

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