CCTV Systems


CCTV camera systems are an effective way to increase security for both home and business and CCTV is a proven and effective way to assist in lowering the risk of crime.

We supply install and service CCTV systems to Commercial, Industrial and Residential premises throughout Brisbane. Our experienced technicians supply and install CCTV security cameras, which will allow you to monitor, record and review footage. This can be done locally or offsite, this means you can view your system from anywhere in the world.

CCTV is an effective way of not only monitoring your premises for security purposes, but can equally be used to monitor staff and anyone else that is on your site.

A system of cameras linked to a dedicated recording unit, allow you to see footage live, as well as storing and being able to review the footage later.

As technologies have improved, cameras now have the ability to record at much higher resolutions than previously thought possible. Current industry standards for CCTV allow for replacing old style analog systems with newer formats like HD-SDI. This is a high definition format which allows the signals to run across traditional Coax cables.

The benefit is that older style analog systems can be replaced with a HD system, without the cost of running new cables. This can offer a significant saving as a lot of the cost of CCTV is on installing the cabling infrastructure.

We supply high quality CCTV products from suppliers such as HIKvision, Samsung, Nuuo, Dahua and Mobotix and can be trusted to supply a system which will suit your needs, now and into the future.

Don't confuse HD CCTV products we supply, with products sold by discount electrical and hardware retailers.

Often these products are low quality recorders, and cameras with poor chipsets and inadequate low light capability. We only supply and install quality products which give great images.

Our Brisbane electronic lock technicians provide a free consultation to make sure the system we supply will suit your needs now, and into the future.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact us.