One of the challenges for installing access control systems to established buildings is the cost and feasibility of running cable to doors.  There are situations where this is not possible without running cable in conduit and ducting on the surface of walls and ceilings and can be unsightly and costly. The SALTO SVN System provides

People Counting Solutions

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Utilising on board analytics with custom configuration, Retail Flow Solutions are designed to automatically compute how many people are in an environment at any one time. The system counts people entering and leaving a single entrance and can raise an alert (e.g. siren or strobe) if someone tries to enter the area once the configured

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We can help reduce the spread of germs in your workplace or home, protecting your most important asset – Your Staff and Family Convert your existing request to exit buttons to no touch exit. Helping reduce the spread of germs and keeping you and your team safe. Contact us for an obligation free quote and

SVN-Flex – Card Updating at the door, where it should be. This exciting new product is available now! SALTO’s SVN system is a wire-free, data-on-card technology that transforms building access. SVN-Flex takes it one step further, allowing any stand-alone electronic locks to read and update card access information. There are no restrictions, any door serves

From the 2nd April 2019 the Concept 4000 security system has entered end of life status, and so it will cease to be manufactured from this date. The parent company, Inner Range had planned for this by ensuring the replacement product, Integriti, was fully backward compatible with the modules and hardware from the range of

Say goodbye to keys with the Carbine 3-in-1 electronic leverset for your home or office! Packed with features and a sleek modern design, the Carbine 3-in-1 electronic leverset is user friendly and can be retrofitted in place of most standard locksets.  You can even programme your Go Card to open the lock, which is great

Inception by Inner Range

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Would you like to be able to open your building door remotely? Need to give staff cards or tags to control access? Sick of the hassle of dealing with keys? Looking to add an alarm system but don’t want to invest in old technology? When you need an access control system and an alarm system

End to End security provider

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Network Locksmiths and Security are one of the only security company’s in Brisbane that can provide a complete range of security products Our recent completion of a high profile site in Eagle Farm highlights our wide range of products and services We were tasked by the client to liaise with the Architect and Builder to

As a leading supplier and installer of intercom systems in Brisbane we come across all types of situations, but occasionally a situation arises where we find that  installing an intercom is impossible due to there being no opportunity to cable between the unit and the handset. The ECA intercom is a brilliant and simple solution to the

ANPR is a technology that allows CCTV cameras to read number plates on vehicles. Whilst this was previously a very expensive technology and was typically only used by Law enforcement agencies, recent technology has allowed this to become an affordable and reliable asset to complement CCTV systems being used in commercial and residential environments. HOW does

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