Access Control

Access control systems provide security and convenience. You can use a pin number, card or tag to gain access to your premises.

Commonly called "swipe cards" you just present the card or tag close to the reader (hence the name "proximity cards") and the door opens for you.

Large numbers of doors can be easily be controlled by a single user, and you can easily control who gains access by programming your system.
Access control makes is easy to add and remove users, and to change the areas and times to which they have access. If a user loses their credential, you simply suspend it from the system and issue them a new one. If someone tries to use the suspended credential, it will no longer work.

The benefit to this is that there is no need to change many locks, and get keys returned and reissued, the results in significant cost saving. An audit trail will provide you with information of when each user accessed a door, and you can also set up times and dates for when people are allowed access.

A reliable electric lock is usually needed to control locking of doors. If the wrong electric lock is installed, it will give a weak point in your security which could be easily compromised.

Our technicians will make sure the correct lock is supplied as we have vast experience installing all types of electric locks including:

• Electric Strikes
• Magnetic locks
• Shear locks
• Hold open devices
• Electric cupboard locks
• V-Locks
• Drop bolts

Our technicians are experts in making sure we use the correct lock for your needs.

A wireless system is ideal for a rapid roll out of security and usually cost less than a traditional hard wired system. We have installed many of these types of systems in Brisbane and they are ideally suited to:

Schools - where perimeters need to be secured in various different buildings
Heritage listed sites - where is not possible to run cables through the building
Temporary sites e.g. construction sheds, rental premises - when you are finished at the location you remove the locks and take them with you
Remote sites - where facilities need securing but access is a problem, we can provide padlocks and equipment locks which can only be opened by authorised users, at set time schedules, and all the openings can be audited

Our years of experience in Brisbane where we have installed many of these systems, ensures you will get the best possible solution for your security needs. Our technicians have factory training in a wide range of security products to allow us to ensure we best service your security needs.

We integrate access control with intercoms, CCTV systems, locks and alarms to provide full end to end security solutions for our clients. You can call our Brisbane office to discuss your needs and you can rely on our consultative approach to determine a cost effective solution.

Trusted Professionals. Our team of locksmiths, safe technicians and electronic security technicians can provide an end to end security solution for every asset.

If you have any questions or need a hand, please contact us.